This looks marvelous.

BALLAST from Brendan McFadden on Vimeo.

Andrea Brown and DuggDugg

Hey, I just wanted to plug a friend of mine who graduated from photo a couple of years ago, this is her blog dedicated to artists around Charlotte.
Mes amis, regardez ma nouvelle vidéo!

Investigation from Daniel Osborne on Vimeo.


stock market




shot with a 360 degree lense))))

Cut Chemist - 1st Big Break from eyestorm on Vimeo.


My turn!


Magnetic Sphere (audio by Karri O.) from flight404 on Vimeo.

the new itunes visualizer, made by robert hodgin of flight404.com and processing scripting whiz fame, is probably one of the top 5 artworks i've seen this year, i spent about an hour and a half the other day watching it rererererererereregenerate ... four tet records seem to work extra good with it..

anyway, today i learned about some secret shortcuts

  • + and -: Increase or decrease the intensity (brightness) of the particles; multiple presses further increase or decrease the intensity.
  • A and S: Add or Subtract particles to the visualizer. You can make the visualizer as complex (or sparse) as you wish.
  • R: Reset the intensity and particle count to their default values.
  • E: When in nebula mode (press N), this greatly accentuates the nebula clouds, making them very easy to see. (If you’ve used the M key to change modes, you may find that the nebula clouds aren’t visible; it seems they’re only used in certain modes.)

Paul Newman... rest in peace

NYTimes Article

Moby introduces mobygratis.com from moby gratis on Vimeo.



Steve Jobs tells 3 stories from his life.

He talks about the value of following his curiosity and intuition, and how taking a non-required calligraphy class gave him an appreciation for typefaces that played a large roll in his design of Apple computers.

"Trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future... because believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path."

Harmonica Tea Kettle

Polar Bear for Ash

Big Eyes part 2

Eddie, i must say, i prefer this one.


rising tensions<----groovy


oh sarah




Sarah Palin in Disney movie

Club Internet










Ode To Joy from Beaker on Vimeo.

visualization of a group chat session

epic pow pow brofer

living next to the mtns again, takes me back to my teenage snowboardin years,,

Magic Flashlights from Mike Benson on Vimeo.

the cinematography on this one is some of the best i've ever seen (click the play thing that's hard to see in the middle there)

a nosound originalLLllLLll---(aka-winstonParker

Rendered Spirits from Rick Silva on Vimeo.

if you can, go to vimeo to watch hd,, looks better,,

TED talks open mindedness


Doddodo ドッドド from Franck Stofer on Vimeo.

the renewed mind is the key yall


you wont regret watching 

"The Power of the Sun"

Jack Nicholson's Hydrogen powered car. Originally aired 1978.

Google Maps Satelitte Image of the American Southwest

This is what humans do, we pixelate nature.



CULTURE IN DaNGER....turn on subtitles...this is a good one

OIL JaM ----checkthisSeth

When Do All The Fish Sleep?

This a new track from Beej.

heat rises

non-human-bloggerzzzzz---written in maxmsp


hey , yall ready to get put away ?????!!!??!!! Get excited about the Right!! Put us in fucking jail billy

touch my body mountain version


will one of you plz convince john mike boling to be vangelis for halloween this year?



tenori off



Kevin Bewersdorf

Maximum Sorrow


Conrad Bakker, Untitled Project: VHS/Rental (Slacker), 2005, on view Nov. 29-Jan. 7, 2006,
at Lora Reynolds Gallery, 300 West Avenue No. 1318, Austin, T.X. 78701

The Renewed Mind is the Key


heathcliff it's me!

accept no imitations!

Word of the Day for Thursday, September 18, 2008

tintinnabulation \tin-tih-nab-yuh-LAY-shuhn\, noun:

A tinkling sound, as of a bell or bells.

if it's possible, it will happen

Bat Stands Up Straight After Being Dropped

PIXELLATION...reblogggggfrom Javier@@@@@53os!!



My 'Hood

click it

View Larger Map

But... how?

Why Schools Make You Tuck in Your Shirt

Sony Bravia "Play-Doh" di Darren Walsh & Frank Budgen from khenzo on Vimeo.


Sony DIME 'Foam City' Making Of from James Lowrey on Vimeo.

Camera vs Camera


Red One Digital Cinema Camera


Ikonoskop A-Cam


Metaphor For Many An Artist... skip to 2 minutes

Skip ahead to the 2 minute mark. this is exactly the metaphor i've been thinking of when pondering artists who learn a few tools but have nothing to say. does standing in front of a crowd with a suit and a microphone make one a lecturer? does learning the Adobe Creative Suite or Final Cut Pro make one an artist?

You get it boy! Get it!

How do you get an effective message across to millions who don't pay attention?


Young Preacher


Palin and Clinton on SNL

Palin and Clinton on SNL (link)


Black Thunder!

I probably posted this already, long time ago, but its worth a second look, especially with all the politic-in goin on

via zach smola (http://www.myspace.com/telenvela)



Felix in Exile - William Kentridge

eddie, this is what we were talking about when you thought of Blu.

particle physics

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel on Vimeo.

Bill Maher Rap Translation



Andy Rooney on Public Art

oh, how i love andy rooney!

Jesus is my friend.


obama at the RNC... a follow-up

Sassy?super kitch?why do i hate this video?and might have totally dug it a year in a half ago? Seth,how long have the 90s been comming back, '99?

natalie portman's shaved head - sophisticated side ponytail from thatgo on Vimeo.

matt on sarah palin




“I know pretty much all the people in Finland who have a 303.”

hello fellow bloggers,

i was just perusing http://draft.blogger.com/ and there is this nice new tool to export and import blogs now..

this could fix one of the regrets i had with this blog, which is that we should have continued http://agsyte.blogspot.com/ so all 200 of those posts of that blog plus the 500 of this one would be in one magical location.. we also have the ability to change names and urls of the blog through blogger... so we could do that too... i'm quite fond of that name 'the athens georgia society for youtube enjoyment'... but have a special place in my heart for this one too..


The RNC in a Minute



clip of george bush endorsing barack obama

excuse me... i have to go to space now

Hallucinogen’s Popularity May Thwart Medical Use

jumped into some water

I Jumped Into A Lake And Held My Breath For 2 Minutes and 22 Seconds and Woke Up In The Ocean from Karen Abad loves Dinosaurs. on Vimeo.

this is the stupidest music video because i can't even watch it without getting sick to my stomach.

Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants. Dir: OneInThree from OneInThree on Vimeo.


click image to see bigger

me n some folks in a show down in macon..

triptych.tv will be taking over the planetarium with a 3 projector installation 8:30 – 9:00 p.m. on the opening night


We Feel Fine

For anyone who hasn't played with this. http://www.wefeelfine.org/

the grooviest time lapse ive seen

Matterhorn from Panoramatic on Vimeo.

OK TO GO from universe on Vimeo.

"Chain of Hyper Space scenes from films.
Collaboration with Mike Merrill.

Part of the thing which is so appealing about Hyper Space scenes in films is the idea that something fantastic and unknown lies at the end of them. In fact, here are the primary uses of Warp Speed/ Hyper Space as plot device:
A) Tunnel to unknown.
B) Escape from danger via total oblivion.

Both represent a kind of inversion, or temporary lifting, of the accepted order. Other salient points:

1. Endless Journey
2. Forward Motion
3. Betrays our naive dreams about the domestication of space and of the unknown.
4. Pseudoscience.
5. Total Solitude.
6. Isolated from context, these scenes are not immediately discernible as being either inner or outer space. Inherently, travel through "Space" is a universal mental image."

Lykke Li - Little Bit music video

seth wheatpaste

Matt Haffner's wheat paste installation - "Pushcart Vendors" from matt haffner on Vimeo.


its back on youtube!! watch quick before eames demetreious deletes this shit!!



we r doomed

coolest music ever.

tao lin





Magnetosphere revisited (audio by Tosca) from flight404 on Vimeo.


THE DEVIL IN DENIM from Carson Mell on Vimeo.

7 months - Daily Barack Obama Photos - Presidial.org from Jeremy Tubbs on Vimeo.

7 months - Daily John McCain Photos - Presidial.org from Jeremy Tubbs on Vimeo.

28 months - Daily George W Bush Photos - Presidial.org from Jeremy Tubbs on Vimeo.

Sweet animation done by some students!

Final Project: Sigg Jones from Eighth Ronin on Vimeo.

Politics and Creativity

The political season is in full swing. Let's check out what the cultural producers have to say about some of the issues!

The Most Heart-Breaking Performance Art...

The Lyre Bird From Australia

John McCain's 7th Home...

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Vice TV's "Drunk History"


US History told by a very drunk guy.


Oh no...


Just A Little Gamma Graff Vid.

Gamma did a project in a friends room. This is the outcome.

Gamma Crew - Beza's Room from Gary Bardizbanian on Vimeo.


This is really great

The Great Office War from Runawaybox on Vimeo.

Hey Art-X'ers, Let's get the Internet goin' nuts!

It's Magic


we need this.

Arts Education- Brahms Breakfast

[ Written by "adcouncil": ]
An impressive 89% of Americans believe that the arts are important enough to be taught in schools, and that it fulfills an important role in a well-rounded education. And they are right; studies show far-reaching benefits of an arts education:
• The arts teach kids to be more tolerant and open.
• The arts allow kids to express themselves creatively.
• The arts promote individuality, bolster self-confidence, and improve overall academic performance.
• The arts can help troubled youth, providing an alternative to delinquent behavior and truancy while providing an improved attitude towards school.
Unfortunately, the truth is that the average kid spends more time at their locker than in arts classes. This PSA campaign was created to increase involvement in championing arts education both in and out of school. Parents and other concerned citizens are encouraged to visit www.AmericansForTheArts.org to find out how to take action on the behalf of the arts and arts education. The campaign stresses that some art is not enough and reinforces with the tagline: Art. Ask for More.
there is no art



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