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Grabowski Shuffle

The next craze.

Jim Herbert- REM

foux de fa fa

flight of the conchords! i think they're great because in addition to being a good show, they're actually really good musicians. i might have posted this last semester for different reasons, but this is my favorite music video. they reference a bunch of classic 60's cinema, but i like it for the color mostly.


Robyn's "Konichiwa Bitches"

This one's for Jocelyn. You said you liked a childlike aesthetic. Her name ends in "yn" too. Whoa.


pes, likes stop animation




Sensual seduction!

Low-fi is sexy and it is in the season (and next season----FOREVER!)

I love the 70's style, shimmery, ultimate cheesy look of this video.



Heinz Competition Take Two

There was one of these over the summer. I, like hundreds of other people, didn't get my entries submitted because they had a problematic submission/registration process. Now, they're doing another.Yay.


Paul Slocum You're Not My Father

Remake of a scene from Full House featuring Candice Cameron and Dave Coulier with the paid help of actors and fans.

"Slocum’s video may reveal a collective sympathy towards an essentially empty scene, but its real virtuosity lays in the musical composition."

A link to the video

william kentridge

Fractal Animation (Right This Time)

Fractal Animation

I'm not sure how this visual is made. I am sure how the audio was made, though...poorly! Tee hee hee.


Hifana : AKERO feat TWIGY




muzik vid

Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks

i realy like this video because the animation is simple, but it looks really well done. i think it lends itself to the song which is also simple. and i've come to realize that i'm drawn towards this cartoon/"kindergarden" aesthetic. especially things that look childlike, but are really about something else. something about innocence in hindsight.

beck e-pro

portugal the man


Don't really have a favorite music video since I haven't seen many...

I've only seen this music video once and it left a strong impression on me, (it might be because I was impressed by the 10-year-old dancing girl,) so I guess I'll share this one.


Louis' Musical Moving Pictures

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Dancing medieval midgets, better than disco balls

Kamelot - Ghost Opera

Big money music video by a band I very much enjoy.

Apocalyptica - Path

Cello Metal at its finest. I like the idea of shadow boxing with music.

Garbage - Special

It has airplanes and dogfights.



Stereolab is one of my favorite bands and Brakhage is a Founding Father. (Rick studied under Brakhage). What better choice?


P.S. Talking Heads - Burning Down the House
This Talking Heads video and, especially, song left a big impression on me back in 1983. I was 6. I remember sitting with my tape recorder listening to the radio for hours waiting for 'Burning Down the House' to come on so I could record it. And seeing the video blew my mind.

Fish Heads Fish Heads
This one also left an impression on me.

Bjork--Human Behaviour
Bjork is one of my favorite artists and this video is pretty rad. Gondry is a visual storytelling genius.

one of rob's fav videos

ween rocks... robots rock... hence, this is one of my favorites

"GiVen To FLy" By Pearl Jam

I love the way this documentary was edited, and the overall feel of it visually..(it's very gentle editing, and it makes it easy to watch) I think it really shows Pearl Jams progression artistically... It's a real look into there creative process, which i enjoy very much... the documentary is about an hour long, this is just a taste of it...

One of my favorite music videos.

This gets me so nostalgic. What I like best about the video: That it sets out to capture suburban teenage listlessness (not exactly the most sensational music video topic).The toilet paper shot is priceless.

Alice in Wonderland

This is pretty interesting...Watch this:
(You might have to turn up your volume for this one)

You can compare with the original too:




Tree of Death (Monty Python)


Universe Song

Makes you feel so... sort of insignificant doesn't it?

Don't miss the anachronistic graphics.


karate kid live av mix over 3 synced computers

Karate Kid AV Remix from momo_the_monster on Vimeo.

this one is for you winston

when in doubt, get weird

check out these video makers on youtube


baltimore shopping network

see also thomas hirshhorn
energy yes, quality no


Human Tetris

woah! this is cool.


R.I.P. Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer, the iconoclastic genius who was one of the greatest chess players the world has ever seen, has died, a close family friend, Gardar Sverrisson, confirmed Friday. He was 64 and died on Thursday in a hospital in Reykjavík, Iceland. No cause of death was given but he had suffered for some time from an unspecified illness.




Make A Wish is giong bankrupt!

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes

Mmm, I love the taste of Onions.

P.S. I'm trying to go to sleep, Diana, and the sounds of your Mad Libs readings keep replaying in my brain!


Cameo "Candy"

I just heard about this group. Aren't they great!?!?!?


David Lynch vs iphone

les blank

My Old Fiddle: A visit with Tommy Jarrell parts 1 + 2

if you are looking for some great inspiration for making beautiful short well made documentary films with almost no budget, look no further than the films of les blanks,

he does a lot of great shorts on american folk and jazz music , but also on topics that don't seem that interesting, at first, like garlic and gap toothed women

Jan Svankmajer

Jan Svankmajer, a master of early stop animation, this is the breakfast, lunch, and dinner series, he's got a few dvds out full of shorts also, and his first feature film 'little otik' find it in the cult section (probably) here's the trailer:


gary and brantley and others are planning on making their own music videos,,

these rapper guys 3oh3 are from boulder, they went back to their highschool to make their first music video. today these guys are opening up for snoop dog,, seriously!

bruce nauman


New Tube

January 14, 2008
New Tube
Like it or not, the "blue chip" art world is far too often focused on events in New York City, Venice, or the locale of the art fair du jour. Enter New Art TV , an online "channel" that provides contemporary art content to the web. Creator Robert Knafo, who used to be a writer and editor of various art and culture magazines such as Slate, Art in America and GQ, was also the brains behind another online art project Studio Visit. Launched this past summer, New Art TV is host to numerous mini-documentaries (5 to 15 minutes) including interviews with artists, curators, and collectors, exhibition walk-throughs-- notably a few from the 2007 Venice Biennale-- and documentation of several performances. A wide range of artists are represented, including Bryan Zanisnik, William Anastasi, Richard Serra and Dana Schutz, to name a few. Media art is covered here somewhat proportionally to its! presence within contemporary art: currently marginal but growing. For example, New Art TV conducted an extensive interview with multi-media artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, who has mounted evocative works that combine light, video and surveillance technologies, during his installation at the Mexican Pavillion in Venice, as well as a profile of the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery at Scope Art Fair in Miami which focuses on new media art in the art fair context. Of course, this isn't the only online channel that seeks to capture contemporary art. Vernissage TV , for one, has provided coverage with a great degree of success for the past few years. Despite the slant towards the blue chip art work and the lack of contextual information which might aid those unfamiliar with the subject matter, New Art TV is a strong entrée into a group of online art vlogs that are connecting those without geographic or VIP access to contemporary art. Let's hope as the cov! erage and audience for contemporary art expand, so will its bo! undaries . -- Caitlin Jones

+ + + + + + + + + + +


digital media club

i need your names and dates of birth!
please email them to me

bob dylan video with super 8


You'll understand the humor if you have worked with Flash before.

the_perfect_beat------a real digital media major?

Insurance Commercial

If you want to do a set up and use special effects,
what about something like this?
(Translation on the bottom)

"what is this?
why is there a nose here?"

(the guy goes into the nose and then...)

"What the heck are you doing?"
"It's(=my leg is) broke!"
"You need to pay me for damage."
(I'm not sure about this part)
"I'm sorry.
I wonder if this is covered by my insurance."

(and then the narration says, "Yes, we do cover it so and so on...")


TONIGHT! You're not a real Digital Media major until you see this:

The Buddy System
"Kindercore guy Ryan Lewis (ex-Agenda, Four Corners) heads up The Buddy System, a new band that debuted last month with projected animation to go along with the gently grooving indie-pop tunes." Also playing: We Versus the Shark, Contraband. At the Georgia Theater.

You can't fuck with Chaka!!! So don't! Hail Chaka!

i love you Chaka!!


Scotch Mist

You gotta love high speed cameras. If you don't have an hour to waste watch the last song. Great voice over in the transitions.

links from 1-9-8

matt mccormick and rodeo films

laura goldhamer

john vega

here's looking at you

stay gold

cross examination - josh weinstein

jeremy bailey

Power outlet in your car?

anybody have one? or know how i can get power to a car... generator? how big is that thing?

Cyriak's Animation Mix

If you don't know this, you should.  Sound is a must for this video.  Love, Seth


Hi.  My name is Seth.  I like this class. Rick is nice. This is my favorite elephant fetus photo. These are baby people feet.


Just trying this mo fo out!

This is Star.
Just signing in from a distance...right outside.



musion example


this company uses high def video projections to make 3d live performances. they did the gorillaz live mtv performance and it rocks. I think it would be awesome to use this technology for an art project!


We gonna have surveys?

video art is awesome, especially when rick is talking about it!

yellow magic orchestra!

there is no art



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