You Mama´s On Crack Rock

so if you listen closely this is actually rick silva rapping


its just like a mini mall

real e-z video.

part of this is kinda boring but i like the concept.

Shit Disco - OK from Jo Apps on Vimeo.


Ernie Kovacs Nairobi Trio (original music)

.seth .n .s

Read A Book

"The street equivalent of School House Rocks, and the contemporary correlative to Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack for an illiterate public that needs to be told these things straightforwardly and authoritatively." --Jehosephat SunRays

with love,
.seth .n .s


michael just agreed to buy us these new chairs for the lab!

Dream Theater

Dream Theater: Forsaken

Rick Said: "A video with surprisingly few animated frames. Most of it looks to be done with camera work. Probably A Maya, AfterEffects, and Photoshop."


hey jude

40% of your grade, due this wednesday

you should all be putting the finishing touches on your masterpieces in next day or two. i'm looking forward to seeing what you guys have been working on for half a semester.


Thumbs Up!

Catch up with David Cho and Harry Kim as they hitchhike across America.


i want millions of dollars so i can do this, too.


most badass home theater ever made. seriously. i would probably never leave home again if i had this set-up to work with.


pareeeetty sweet

cool as video! i like the part where the guy is spinning on his foot...


I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE! aka Rick's Youtube Monday Extravaganza

the book tavern

jocelyn and I made this with some friends last week. yay!

The Book Tavern from diana gurley on Vimeo.


Favorite Music Video

I'm really late on this assignment, but I just couldn't find a great music video.

almost forgot this week's assignment




the view from down there

cool ad for madrid metro here
cool ad for madrid metro here
cool ad for madrid metro here
cool ad for madrid metro here
cool ad for madrid metro here
cool ad for madrid metro here

dee lite-ful videos for valentines

groove and slide whistles. lots of scenes with great looping potential in the first one.


this looks like an entertaining flick... sorry i can't directly post the trailer, but it's still protected - watch it before it gets taken down.




Uploaded by nicolelievre

L'amour est bleu

a love song for everyone from your friend, Star!

The Flaming LIps.......WOW!!!!!!

They make my soul smile!

Well maybe this one... Love your mother

My new favorite music video

Whitesnake- Is This Love

check out the tricky mirror shot in the beginning. and yes, brantley, that IS a double-neck guitar.

A story of takeing your relationship to the next level

Starring the Whitest Kids You Know

the count loves to f***

ok. so i am embarrassed to say but this is from collegehumor.com


Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)

if this song/video doesn't make you want to love someone....then you are evil and you sneak into people's houses on Christmas Eve and steal their presents.


You should get it done next Wed. (2/20) at 11:45-12:30 in the DigMe Room
Go to the digme website and click advising to get the advising form. Fill it out and be ready to go.


one of my fav commercials ever, a great little short story...

Scene from the Movie "Paris, I love you"

I strongly recommend this film to anyone interested in short's.. Plus, it is a really delightful film that features many great actors and directors... ( the film takes a close look in to random locations within the streets of France and different perspectives that relate to love, after all... Paris is the "city of love." ---> So, enjoy.

El Corazon!

Elvis Filmed By An Amateur

"I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"

What a strange age we live in when Elvis, the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll, gets the same screen space as us when we upload. There's something enfeebling about watching an amateur video of the King when he was at his nadir. Back in Elvis's heyday, artists weren't as vulnerable to the ubiquitous cameras that now rove around snatching up even the smallest, most unremarkable moments of our lives. We're getting much closer to the celebrities now, close enough to see some blemishes. How well is the cult of the superstar holding up these days? Of course, anyone with great talent is still going to glow in our eyes, but there's something about seeing a 15-second YouTube clip of them coughing, or eating, or anything else less than spectacular. They may still seem larger than life, but they're not quite the gods that they used to be.


this weeks assignment:::: post a video on the blog that has to do with... LOVE!!

the good or the bad side...



Don't Let It Pass You By

Neat, yeah? The moment he rockets out of the vagina really caught my attention, and watching him age kept it. Smashing into the grave was hilarious.


So I found this bad ass deal online for this pretty sweet camera that I just purchased. It is originally like 1,300 bucks. Just thought I would share the amazing batch of info with my classmates. 

Oh no...



Monkeys and Dogs


with love,
.seth .n .s




another music video from the whitest crunk rapperz in all of boulder colorado,, this one even has a message for the kids!!

TubeSock 2.0.3

Here's a link to 3rd party software great for downloading YouTube video. It's very fast. You can use it for free but only get the first 30 seconds of the clip. The software costs 15 bucks. Not bad, but not free. It does work fast. Much much better than Vixy.net


with love,

.seth .n .s


jocelyn's projection ideas reminded me of this wild n kerrrazzy video

henry hills films!!

seth's piece reminded me of master film man henry hills films

FUN_CLUB---friend of a friends pilot


slowmo_skateboard_+_explosions----actually its pretty funny


cornelius.fit song.

this video is a feat of stop motion/CG - my roommates and i have gone back and forth over how the hell it was made.

be wowed by its excellence.


Green Screen Music Vidz

i like the barrage of repeated images in this one.

dan deacon's is pretty good too. he's in a baltimore collective called wham city. their website's pretty hilarious. you should check it out of you dig these vidz.


eno and byrne and bruce conner


pablo ferro/thomas_crow_affair-TRAILER


daft bodies are better than daft hands

1 year anniversary of LED boston

there is no art



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